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    Over 35 Years & $8 Billion
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Welcome to FritschWorks

Preconstruction + Analysis + Strategy

FritschWorks is a preconstruction consultation firm specializing in every stage of the estimating and budgeting process. The preconstruction process includes several phases of design and subsequent budget analysis including: conceptual budget, schematic budget, design development budget, and the construction budget. When working with FritschWorks, each budget is also accompanied by a written analysis of costs and a strategy to return to or maintain the proposed budget.

Whether looking for full cycle preconstruction services or only a conceptual budget, FritschWorks is able to tailor our services to the needs of our clients. Whatever your needs are in preconstruction and estimating, FritschWorks stands ready and willing to assist.

Fritschworks is prepared to help you achieve success; however, whenever, wherever our services are required.

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The foundation for every successful project is laid well before the General Contractor arrives on-site with the initiation of the preconstruction process. The preconstruction process is a collaborative effort between architects, engineers, estimators, and various subcontractors with the primary goal of providing the client a complete, accurate, and feasible budget...Read More


The conceptual budget is one of the first steps when deciding to build a project and is often completed with very minimal amounts of information. Project information may even be limited to a rudimentary “lines on a napkin” level of design and a proposed start date...Read More


The schematic budget occurs after completion of the preliminary design documents which will include rough plans or schematics showing a general program of where rooms will be located, the placement of doors and windows, and how the building will be structured...Read More

Design Development

After approval of the Schematic Budget, the design will be further developed to reach during the design development phase. The design development package will include a site plan detailing buildings, roads, parking, site drainage, utilities, and landscaping...Read More


The construction budget occurs throughout the construction document phase and culminates with the completion of the 95% and 100% contract documents (CDs). Each construction budget will incorporate competitive pricing based on estimates from four (4) to six (6) subcontractors per particular design package....Read More


Analysis is an integrated part of the preconstruction services provided by Fritschworks and includes a written narrative of design elements that are both included and excluded from the budget in an effort to clearly define the project scope....Read More


An additional element of preconstruction services provided by Fritschworks is the strategy. The strategy provides a plan of action, based upon the analysis described above, to bring a project back within the proposed budget. The intent of the strategy is to maintain the veracity of the design while also complying with the established budget by providing best value solutions....Read More